ShowBox Apk Download – Latest Apk For Android

Showbox Apk Your search for right entertainment application ends with Showbox as it is the popular online video streaming application that allows you to enjoy entertainment right on your fingertip. Showbox is the giant in regards to entertainment with its largest collections of movies, TV shows and videos which you can stream using your Android Smartphone. The application allows you to stream unlimited live movies, serials, TV shows and more in HD quality for free. The application comprises the largest library of movies and videos that are made available for free to stream on your Android device.

So, Android users who want to enjoy streaming free videos, movies and TV shows on their Smartphone need to download the Showbox Apk download for Android. The application has a search option that allows users to search for their favorite movies and videos from its largest collection so that they can stream the movie at their own convenience. Besides streaming movies, users can do a lot of things with this app including streaming videos, shows, sports videos and more.

Showbox APK  for Android Features and Advantages: 

Download Showbox Apk

 Showbox apk will help you get to connect to your favorite shows and serials right from your Smartphone. So,  Showbox APK for Android today and enjoy streaming movies for free.

  • With the use of Download Showbox APK for Android, movie buffs can search for their favorite movies it comes with filter feature to help you easily search diverse categories like adventure, comedy, action, animation, drama and more
  • The application also comes with different video quality to choose from that support your Android device
  • It also has the sharing option that allows you to share your favorite videos and movies with friends and family
  • It has easy to use user interface and other features that make navigation easier and faster for all
  • Users are not required to register or signup for an account with Showbox to run the application on their Android Device
  • It allows sorting of movies and videos by name, year, genre and IMDB rating
  • You can list as well as add the favorite shows, videos, movies and serials in this application
  • The application also comes with download features that allow you to download the TV shows, movies and serials in HD quality to stream later
  • The application update regularly to offer the users with latest movies and videos to stream
  • There is a search box where you can type the name or initial of the videos or movies to find them with ease.
  • The application gives regular updates to users about new releases and TV shows

We came to news that Showbox app has been taken down as using this app is illegal. The same has reported in Showbox Official site and alos Popular news site the Independent in today news cloumn.

 Download Showbox APK for Android Device: 

Showbox For Android

In a bid to download the Showbox APK for Android device, you need to follow certain steps. Ensure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources Installation from your device setting prior to starting the download and installation process. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Download the Showbox APK file for Android from unknown sources online
  • After downloading the APK file, click on install button. You may see a notification mentioning “installation block as the install in from an unknown source”
  • To allow the installation to enable the installation from unknown sources on your device.
  • No click the install button and accept the terms and conditions and the application will start installing
  • After successful installation, users will find the shortcut icon on the home screen of the device. You simply need to tap the icon to start streaming movies for free.


With all the content this application has, Showbox app it has become the best choice for Android users and a must-have entertainment application on Smartphone today. You are no longer required to stick with your TV to enjoy watching your favorite serials and shows.

USTVNow Apk: Download Latest Apk For Android

USTV is one of the best Live TV streaming applications available for Android. It is an all free satellite TV which streams the channels and other programs live directly in the application itself. The company offers free service anytime and anywhere from any device for free of cost. But first, you will have to sign up for the service for free on their website. You can get access to 8 free channels on the website and post sign up, on any device you wish to stream the channels on. If you’re someone who wishes a DVR as well as more channels, you will have to make a choice from the existing plans given on the website.

In addition, USTVNow also allows you to record your favorite shows so that you won’t miss watching them when you’re out. You can come back home and view the recorded video which will be saved in your account peacefully without any disturbance.

Latest Features of USTVNow Apk:

  • One of the most widely used cable operators.
  • Free sign up on the USTV Now official website.
  • Compatible to stream on any device be it a phone, TV, PC or Tablet.
  • Access to popular US channels.
  • Also houses channels from different countries.
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate interface.
  • Does not require a rooted device.
  • Record your favorite shows and matches while you’re on the go or stuck at work.
  • No need of any kind of cable or satellite for a connection.
  • Different plans to cater to different needs.
  • Recordings and streaming with DVR.
  • Earn social points by sharing your experience with USTV Now.

USTVNow requires MK player to stream the channels and videos. You can get the application from Play store with ease. The minimum version of Android required to download the application is 4.2 and above. However, you will have to download the application via it’s apk file as it is official, not available on the Play Store. But, you can download its guide from Google Play.

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How to Download USTVNow Apk For Android:

Since the download is a third party application, you will have to ‘Allow’ the download of ‘Unknown Sources’ from the mobile ‘Settings’ menu. The application is completely safe to use and has a large user base worldwide.

  • Go to the Below Link and download the apk file.
  • Go to the apk file in your file manager and tap on it.
  • It does not require any special access so you can install the application directly.
  • Post download, it will appear in your applications menu.

USTVNow Plans:

  • Free plan- Includes 5 channels, Limited to SD resolution, Limited DVR, Access to all movie rentals.
  • $ 19 Plan- Includes 24 channels, HD resolution, Limited DVR, Access to all movie rentals.
  • $24 Plan- Includes all channels, HD resolution, Unlimited DVR, Access to all movie rentals.

Also, the sharing points which you earn by sharing your experience of using USTV Now with your family and friends will fetch you free DVR space. Get, set, go!

Download & Install Tubi TV Apk For Android

TUBI TV is one of the most popular applications amongst movie buffs and particularly for Android users. Unlike other applications which are mostly third-party based, Tubi TV is easily available on the Google Play Store which makes it easier for Android users to access the application on a large scale. Tubi TV is a free application and does not require login or any kind of account information once you download the application. Along with movies, you also gain access to various TV series from Hollywood, Korea, Japan and much more content which is hard to find! You can also switch on the subtitle mode while streaming the video content.

The application interface is equipped with easy navigation and vivid graphics which will make you glued to the application for a long time. There are TV series and Movies categories which simply your search options and it also means that you can watch movies and video as per your mood. One peculiarity which makes Tubi TV famous is that it houses Korean drama which is gaining a lot of fame and name these days. Also, it gets a bit difficult for some users to find it on the internet. Also, it has a wide catalog of movies which are not even on popular streaming sites such as Netflix, HBO, Hotstar etc.

The features of Tubi Tv include:

  • Free application.
  • Fewer ads as compared to regular TV.
  • No need of lengthy signup procedures.
  • Option to line up movies for future watching.
  • Exclusive ‘Not on Netflix’ category.
  • Unlimited access to Latest movies and TV Series.
  • Weekly new additions of shows and movies.
  • The description is given for each video and movie.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Genre-wise distribution of video content.
  • 100% legal application.

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Download Tubi Tv Apk For Android:

The steps are simple and quick to follow. You can download Tubi TV on your phone in just 5 minutes with a stable internet or wifi connection.

  • Open and go to your phone’s ‘Applications’ menu.
  • Find ‘Google Play’ and tap to open it.
  • In the search bar, type ‘TUBI TV’.
    Download TubiTV
  • You will see a list, from that select ‘Tubi TV’.
  • There will be an option to ‘Install’ the application.
  • Initiate the installation.
  • The application will appear in your phone application list.

You can now fill your popcorn tub and start the movie marathon! The application also has another feature that might interest you which is search as per the actors who acted in a movie. So, the next time when you forget the name of the movie but remember the cast, you exactly know what to do.

Tubi TV has frequent updates and a newer addition to various genres such as Romance, comedy, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, K-drama, Japanese, Hollywood, Anime etc. You can also stream the movies on the go with the help of the ‘Download’ option in your desired quality or stream it at home using chrome cast. You can also bookmark your favorite movies. Happy watching!

TeaTv Apk: Download Latest Apk For Android

TeaTV is an application available for iOS, Windows and Android users which allows you to watch and download movies and TV Series in HD quality for free. Apart from movies and TV series, it also houses trending content and movie trailers and information about the actors working in it. Thus, if you notice, along with the videos you will also stay updated with what’s happening with and around your favorite movie and TV stars and shows. Another thing which makes this application popular is its intuitive interface which is also excellent in its design. The video content is divided into sections for user convenience.

The application is completely FREE to use and is updated regularly to fix all the bugs, errors and of course, add new content to the existing ones. The episodes are bifurcated according to the seasons and release date. Also, a crisp summary of the movies and series is provided for a quick background check on the movie which you wish to stream. You can also create your own playlist for binge-watching and keep a track of the downloaded, watched and to watch movies in the application itself. The application is fast and easy for anyone who is an avid enthusiast of movies and TV series.

However, this is a third party application which means it is NOT available on the Google Play Store due to its third-party applications policy. But it is safe to use and if downloaded from the official website or a trusted website, is safe and secure to feed your binge-watching needs.

Latest features of TeaTV Application Include:

  • Free application which can be downloaded from its official website.

  • 1080p quality videos which can be streamed and downloaded.

  • Does not require a sign up for any credit/debit card information.

  • Easy downloading options even in poor internet connection.

  • Favorites’ column to store your loved episodes and movies.

  • Discover movies, actors and TV shows in one place!

  • Allows you to create your own playlist.

  • The application is safe for usage.

  • Easy to navigate interface.

 Showbox Apk is also the best apk to watch free movies on your Android device.

How to Download TeaTv Apk For Android:

Since TeaTV is a third-party application, we strongly recommend you to download it from its official website as it is easily available there. In case, if you face any errors, make sure that you download the APK from a website which does not contain any kind of malware or virus which may cause harm to your device. Without wasting any time further, let’s jump to the steps to download the APK file.

  • Firstly, since TeaTV is a third party application, you will have to ‘Allow’ the download of ‘Unknown Sources’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Post that, go to or click on below link to download the APK file.
    Download TeaTV
  • The next step is to go to your phone’s file manage folder and tap on the downloaded apk.
  • Initiate the download.
  • The application will be downloaded and stored in your applications menu.

The home screen will look like this. Sit back and relax!

MovieBox Apk: Download Latest Apk For Android

MovieBox is one of the most used Android application used for streaming latest TV series and movies online for free in superb quality. As a movie buff, one may want to really go for the newest release in town but the main constraint every person faces is time management and monetary release. Then, an application such as MovieBox is a boon as you can watch latest releases relaxing on your bean bag or couch sipping your favorite drink.

MovieBox is extremely popular amongst Android, iOS and Windows users as it is fast, secure and easy to use. The application interface is also not a jargon and comes with its own set of customization options. The best part is it’s the best on use while you are commuting as you can also watch videos offline from your saved playlist or video library. You have a variety of genres to choose from like humor, mystery, thriller, romance, historical, biographies, anime etc. Also, the application houses latest TV series as well.

Latest Features of MovieBox Apk:

  • Backup system- you can retrieve your data after you re-install the application.

  • You can download any video content while you are streaming another video.

  • Moviebox Notifications on changes made and movies or TV series added.

  • Get access to the latest trailers and movies along with the ratings.

  • Flexible quality videos starting from 240p to upto 1080p.

  • No ads and streaming directly from the torrents.

  • Movies News section to get all the paparazzi.

  • Free application for unlimited use.

  • Easy, fast and intuitive surface.

  • Aesthetically pleasing graphics.

  • New updates almost every week.

  • Moviebox is Safe and secure to use.

Please note that the MovieBox application is also called Showbox and you can download it from its official website as well. Also, MovieBox as an application is not available on the PlayStore because of third-party policy by Google. But, you can get the latest APK from its official website which is completely safe to use.

To make the job easier for you, we have listed the method to download MovieBox APK for your Android device below. Follow the steps correctly to enjoy seamless and hassle-free entertainment.

Steps to Download Moviebox For Android:

Before downloading movie box apk on your android device make some security changes in your device, the steps are very simple with which you can download the application in less than 10 minutes. Those requirements are available on below read carefully.

  • Go to the below link and download the MovieBox Apk.
    Download For Android
  • Go to Applications and open File Manager and click on the APK.
  • It will ask for a certain set of permissions.
  • Initiate the installation.
  • The application will be downloaded in 2 minutes.

You can now sit back and enjoy using the application. Happy binge watching!

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Requirements to Download Moviebox Apk:

As mentioned earlier, you will have to download the application in its APK format from its official website or any other trusted website. For this, you will have to set the permission in your Android. Simply go to the Settings menu and tap on Security. There you will find ‘Unknown Sources’, click on Allow. You can now download third-party applications in your phone.

Download Showbox For PC Windows (7/8/10)

There are so many mobile applications today that there is one for everyone! But when it comes to movie streaming apps, there are either very few of them that are available or they require heavy subscriptions or formalities like registrations and logins. And an access to movie libraries certainly comes with an extra cost. And for the television buffs, the choice might be even scarce. What if I tell you that with a single app, you can streamline both your favorite movies and television shows and that too without having to spend a penny? Welcome to the world of Showbox For PC!

Showbox For PC: What is Showbox App? 

SHowbox For PC

Rated as one of the best android applications, the Showbox App is a revolution in the world of entertainment, a blessing in disguise for all the movie buffs and couch potatoes. It is a movie streaming application for mobiles that lets you access the movies and television shows from anywhere you want and absolutely free of cost. However, it is not available in the Google Play Store but can be downloaded on Android mobiles with the help of a link.

Features of Showbox For PC:

Following are some interesting features of the app that make it unique and popular:

  • The Showbox app is completely free of cost and does not involve any hidden charges or subscription charges that might limit its use for the user, unlike most of the applications available online today.
  • There are no conditions attached to it and the user does not need to register or login to the app to be able to get an access to the movies and television episodes.
  • The application complements well a number of platforms and can be easily downloaded on any of these- Android, BlackBerry, Chromecast, iPod Touch, iPhone, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Mac OS X.
  • Filtering the results according to one’s personal preferences is an easy task with this application. You can type the keywords or the titles in the search bar to search for your favorite movie or television series.
  • The option of adding movies and series to the favorites lets you enjoy them directly, whenever you want, without wasting any time scrolling all the channels.
  • Downloading your favorite movies and television episodes is also possible. These are downloaded in a separate folder that makes it very easy to track them.
  • Regular updates are available from time to time. This means you will be regularly updated about any new developments like the new episodes of your favorite series.

Follow these Steps below to download and install Showbox For PC Windows:

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator for PC and install it. Follow the simple instructions on the screen for that.
  2. Download the APK file of the Showbox ApkDownload Apk File
  3. Right click on the Showbox APK file and select ‘open with’.
  4. Another drop down list will open. Choose ‘install with Bluestacks player’ and the let the application get installed.
  5. Once the application gets installed, restart the Bluestacks Android emulator. (Check the pic below)


  1. Once the BlueStacks app is loaded, you will see the Showbox app will be visible in the main menu of BlueStacks emulator.


  1. Double tap on the icon and enjoy your favorite movies and television shows absolutely free of cost.

Advantages of Showbox For PC:

  • Accessing your favorite movies or episodes of your favorite series is made easy. You will never have to bother about digging deep into search engines every time you are in the mood for some entertainment.
  • The downloading facility lets you enjoy your favorite episodes and movies whenever you want to, irrespective of the fact whether or not you have an internet facility at that particular time.

While Showbox is available for Android and other OS only, emulators like Bluestacks are being used to download it on PC and run easily.


The Showbox for PC has several interesting features like it is completely free of cost, has a huge collection of movies and television shows, the interface of the application is very user-friendly, and the movies and television shows can be streamed very easily.